I was not a voracious reader till my late teens. Up until then, I’d borrowed, but never completed Asimov, Ayn Rand and Arthur Clarke. Read some Richard Bach & the like. One book I read and re-read was Penrose’s “An Emperor’s New Mind”. I did not understand everything, but what I did was immensely fascinating. I could never hold a fiction book for very long, though I did try.

I think my serious reading only began with my access to Amazon, when I was in the US. The idea that practically any topic of interest could be pursued by clicking a few buttons really got to me, and soon I surrounded myself with way too many interesting books and much too little time to do them justice.

The books I’ve shared on this page are those that I think did stick with me longer – in subways, the park or somewhere else. Learning is truly never ending, and I can’t claim to have ‘finished’ all the books, or retained everything that they contained, but they have left some mark on me, and shaped my impressions nevertheless.

If there’s a particular book that you’re curious about, I’d be happy to share my 2 cents on it. Conversely, having seen these books, do feel free to send me suggestions – they are always welcome. The books by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are in a league of their own, but this portfolio below may not be able to reflect that.

update: I had a shelfari plugin which I’d setup with a decent chunk of my book collection, but that has long been deprecated, so now I’m waiting for the right priority window to start the book project again 🙂