I taught history & critical thinking for 5 years at SAICE, Pondicherry.

A brief page about the course, the urgency of the subject, and student feedback

A bit about the course, the premises upon which the course was put together, and student feedback

A few exceptional books and some podcast ideas for teachers


Here’s a mini-site that distills 15 years of thinking about how best to invest & participate in India’s growth story.

I co-founded a micro-VC firm that invests in and supports early-stage startups. Been on this journey since 2017. More on that here.


Archimedes supposedly said “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth”. I see better parenting as the lever that reshapes our shared collective present and future.

Wisdom from our elders, or from those who are simply wiser than us in so many ways.


Series : on Buddha and Shankara (6 parts), on War (6 parts), on Greece (6 parts)

Great Personalities : Da Vinci, Bankim, Dayananda

A chapter on Essays Divine and Human – published for a book on Sri Aurobindo (Penguin)

Selected essays by Amal Kiran