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On Buddha & Shankara

How profoundly have the thought of Buddha and Shankara affected India? Was it a drift away from the Vedic inspirations?

A mini-series on War

Sometime post 26/11 & the Israel-Hamas flare-up of late 2008, I began asking myself some hard questions, and found no easy answers. I then started reading up & eventually made a compilation on this theme.

A series on Greece

How do we get to the heart of ancient Greece? What was the Greek conception of life? How much does the poetry of a nation affect its culture?

Sri Aurobindo

This section contains articles by Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950).

Amal Kiran

This section contains articles by Amal Kiran (1904-2011), the gifted author of more than 50 books on literature, poetry and history. I have learned a lot by reading his work and would love for his writings to gain wider currency.

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