I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Can you say that another way, please?

this article was published by one Seth Freeman in USA Today in Jan 2009.

Freeman was one of my favorite professors at Stern. I took two of his classes on the subject of Negotiations, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I wish some bit of this fantastic material were a part of our college experience!  He has some excellent articles, handouts and videos on his website.

And yes, I was a part of the ‘exercise’ he mentions that he conducts with all MBA students. When he says ‘a third to a half’ – he really means like 90% of the class 🙂
The narrow escape was a fluke I owe to a team-member. Without her timely question, our team would’ve been steamrolled as well.

As an aside, I think this article ought to be sent to every single teacher in India – maybe with a few exceptions. If, as a people, we are predisposed to status quo and not asking too much, I’d attribute this in large part to our classroom environments – from school and even until final year of college. Teachers murder free thought by the uber-powerful ‘it is like that because I said so‘, and this continual badgering weakens most if not all students. It could take years of living in a foreign land with very different cultural norms to grow out of this.

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