Deal or No-deal? The US-India Nuclear disagreement “on the rocks”

What can be written about the US-India nuclear deal that has not already been written? .... Also, India is increasingly isolated in Asia - on the West, we have Pakistan – the local hotbed & Woodstock of terrorism to the modern world, with China supplying nukes to it, on the east we have China operating Tibet, controlling large parts of Nepal, East-India, Burma etc - basically cornering India from all angles. Russia & India still continue their arms 'co-operation', but calling them 'friends' would be a bit of a stretch, and Putin's love for America is well known. This leaves the US with few major collaborators in a future, democratic Asia. So in this sense from India's perspective a partnership and friendship with the world's super-power can be very beneficial, and the US diplomatic circles acknowledge the benefits of tying up with India to go far more than just opening up Nuclear trade for US companies. The deal symbolizes a first effort to emphasize an alliance of the world's biggest democracies, which actually share many similar values.